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Posted on Nov 1 2011 at 08:01:17 AM in Personal

As you can see, I haven’t really posted anything after I re-opened my blog, it’s because I was too busy with the Fabmom.Tk shop and finally it’s finished.   I was supposed to have a subdomain for it, with the same layout as my Fabmom.Tk blog but then, I got tired of setting up everything and fixing errors,  I think I just got sick of fixing my blog’s layout. I’ve done it twice already, and I don’t think I still want to do it again.  

Anyways, I finally have my baby already.   Oh! for those who was not able to see my previous posts I was 9 months pregnant when I started my fabmom blog and sadly  lost it when I was in the hospital (I think 2 days after I delivered baby).  Soo, to keep everyone updated.   Here’s what happened from feeling contractions until now (I’ll just skip some not so important dates ofcourse   ).

August 23- I started feeling lower back pains during night time, but it was just mild and has like 7-10mins interval.  Soo, I thought that it was just gas or something.  But I was not able to sleep very well because of that, every time my lower back hurts, I wake up from my slumber.  

August 24- Around  4am I decided to go to our dining and just sit hoping the pain will reduce a little bit (it was a little bit more painful this time).  At 5am when I was really not able to sleep I decided to have a little walking exercise. I was walking a bit slow so I was able to arrive back home at around 6:30 something. After I got home I went to the restroom and had a discharge which was a sign that I was about to have a labor.  I told my hubby about that and he told me to wait until the pain will have a lesser interval, so we did, and it was 10am that day when we finally decided to go to the clinic, not because the interval was less but because it already hurts a lot. When my midwife did an IE on me, It was still 2cm so, she just told me to relax and just stay in the clinic and wait (it has to be 10cm to deliver a baby).   At about 3pm the pain was severe already and the interval was already like every 5-7mins. But he was still not even near 10cm, soo we still waited.   But, the worst part was starting from around 10 in the evening the pain was extremely painful and the interval was around 2-4  mins already.  And the sad part was I felt that the whole night.

August 25- The pain was even worst at around 4am, I went to the restroom to pee and because I keep on giving force while holding my breath everytime the pain strikes I was really able to feel my water bag when I pee’d.  I was really afraid so I finally decided to call the midwife, I was 8cm by then. Soo again, we waited.  A few minutes after that I vomit and then my water bag broke. :147: So, we went to the delivery room.   I was 10cm by then and they already asked me to start to deliver my baby, but then another thing happened. I didn’t have much strength to push hard so that my baby will go out, they were actually already able to see him (so did my hubby  ). But my baby’s heartbeat was already going slow because he kept on going in and out, so the midwife decided that I should go to the hospital to have a cesarean delivery.   It was around 5:30am by then and they immediately called a taxi and asked to bring me to the nearest hospital and I tell you the pain was awfully extreme at this time.   When I arrived at the hospital, I was immediately brought at the delivery emergency room, they asked me a few questions, laid me into the delivery bed, shaved my tummy  , placed urinary catheter and sent me to the delivery room. They say that when they put a catheter it will hurt a lot, but because of the pain I felt on my lower back, I never really noticed that they already put a catheter on me (I just noticed it after my delivery and was told that, that was the time they placed that to me).  When I was in the delivery room I felt really cold and was literally shaking and they covered my hand with a cloth to feel less cold (but I was still shaking),  I also remembered grabbing the labshirt of I don’t know if that was the nurse or the doctor and heared them laughing joking me that it was his only lab shirt soo instead I he gave me his hand I hold his hand very tight. The last thing I remembered was when he asked me to face sideward for him to inject anesthesia on me, and as crazy as it sounds, but I really didn’t feel the pain of getting injected and worst with anesthesia, because the pain that I felt in my lower back was more excruciating. Then I fell asleep. I woke up and noticed I was somewhere else in the hospital I looked at my side and saw a… actually I don’t know how they call it but its that machine where they can monitor your heartbeat, and if your already dead it will just go toooot.  I know ya’ll know what I meant. So yehh, I looked at the other side and saw another woman. When the nurse noticed that I was already awake, she came near me and ask how I felt, I was felling better that time not having a lower back pain anymore. The first thing I asked was “where’s my baby?” she said he’s in the nursery so I then asked for WATER since I really felt thirsty, but, she said I couldn’t drink water, next I asked where I was and what time is it, she told me that I was in the recovery room and it was already 9:30,   I was really shocked upon hearing the time because I was thinking it was already 9:30 in the evening, but luckily it wasn’t it was still morning and she then told me that for me to be able to go to the room and to see my hubby I should be able to move and raise my foot. I tried to move it but it was still numb soo I tried even harder to move and raise it really eager to see my baby and ofcourse my hubby. With so much eagerness I was able to raise and move it in not more than 20 mins. After being able to move she called someone to send me to the room, but sadly I was sent to the ward because all private rooms we’re already occupied. My hubby then came in like 10mins after I was brought there.

They let us get our baby at around 9pm already, because he was still observed. But my hubby saw him on the nursery room and took a video of him secretly, because it was not allowed.   When he was already with us, I immediately tried to breast feed him but he kept on resisting and just kept on crying.  

First Pics:


Date of Birth: August 25, 2011 (Virgo – Year of the Metal Rabbit)
Time of Birth: 7:18am   
Name of Hospital: Southern Philippine Medical Center, Davao City
Type of Delivery: Cesarean
Weight: 2.947 kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 34 cm


August 26- My mom learned that I just delivered my baby so she rushed to us, and I asked her to secretly buy a formula for baby, and we will just use a dropper so that they will not notice.  

August 28- We got out of the hospital,  I didn’t even know which hospital I was bought or how to go there or even how to go to the room.  So yehh, we went directly to our apartment. After that, we went to jollibee together with baby.   It was the first place he visited.  

August 31- Baby’s first visit to his granny and grandpa.  We stayed there for 2 and half days.   Every one was soo happy to see baby.

September 25- Baby’s first month, celebrated at my parent’s house. 

Today (October 22)- A few days more and baby will be 2 months old.



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