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All through high school, I watched while other friends would experiment with a rainbow of colors on their lips light to dark, dark to light and they all seemed to pull it off…..well not all. I mean their was the nude lip, dark lip liner phase that NO one and I mean No one could pull off. But for me, it was the fact that because I was born with (some would say I was very lucky) naturally very red lips, it limited me to wearing many other shades…..

Now since being in the Industry and learning pretty much every trick under the sun. I now know how to dim down my highly pigmented lips with ease. So I am now going to give my fellow red lipped ladies some tips to dim down the color and allow for variation.

Try applying a very thin layer of foundation to your lips before you apply lip color. It covers up the natural color of your lips, but it can also dry them out, so you’ll want to condition beforehand and at night. I really like Philosophy’s Kiss Me Lip Balm in Clear ($14); it’s one of the most moisturizing lip balms I’ve ever tried.

Another trick you could try is to line and fill in your lips with a nude pencil before applying color. Nude pencils work like the foundation trick above, covering up your natural lip color. My favorites are MAC Cremestick Lip Liners ($15) in SublimeCulture (a brownish pink) and Creamola (a soft brown). They’re creamy and don’t dry out my lips. If you’re not a MAC girl, then perhaps consider Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked ($14) or Chanel’s Nude Lip Liner ($28).

However my all time favorite is MAC Lip Erase $16
MAC Lip Erase is a concealer for pigmented lips. Yes, it’s a conditioning/concealing lip balm for pigmented lips.
This is how I use this. I start off with scrubbing my lips to get rid of any dead skin. Then I apply lip balm on my lips. After 2-3 minutes, I blot the lip balm with a tissue paper, and apply MAC Lip Erase (after which I look scary! Haha). I then apply lipcolor after 1-2 minutes. I give gaps of 1-2 minutes between all the steps to allow the products to adhere to the skin better.

The main concern with any lip product remains its ability to keep the lips moisturised, at least for all the time it is on the lips. MAC Lip Erase is not very good at moisturising. If worn without a lip balm, it tends to dry out the lips. So I always use it over/ under a lip balm.

So there you have it. My top tips for pigmented lips…



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