Top Features of Laundry Detergents

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Modern-day laundry detergents are more than just ordinary cleaning products that create suds which is supposed to lift dirt and stains of fabrics and clothes. No, the laundry detergents these days provide a lot more features than just cleaning the fabrics. Most laundry detergents contain certain additives and ingredients that can make the clothes softer, smell nice or make their colours brighter. This post will give you more clear idea which are the top features of the laundry detergents.




Laundry detergent manufacturers add different ingredients to their products to make them better at cleaning and the bleach is one of the preferred ingredient of such detergents. The bleach is especially effective against stains on white fabrics but there are colour-safe bleaches as well that can be used on coloured clothes. Using laundry detergents with added bleach is also a lot safer for the clothes, especially, since this product damages fabrics if used too much on certain garments but the concentrations of this ingredient in laundry detergents are a lot smaller so it won't inflict such damages.


Colour Brighteners


These ingredients are added to the laundry detergent to make the colours of the clothes brighter even after few washes when the colours are supposed to fade away. By washing the clothes with detergents that contain colour brighteners however you can make sure that the dye on the garment won't fade.


Fabric Softeners


Although most types of fabric softeners are sold separately some laundry detergent manufacturers started to add fabric softener as ingredient to the formula of their products. Fabric softeners have a list of features that will make you laundry better. The fabric softeners reduce the static cling of the clothes by removing the lint and make the fabric feel a lot softer. However, the expert London domestic cleaners claim that the added fabric softener as an ingredient to the laundry detergent is not as effective as the softener sold separately. Also the fabric softener is notoriously known as a fire hazard when the clothes, especially if the dryer is set on higher temperatures.




Besides fabric softeners and bleaches certain manufacturers add also perfume odours and aromas to their detergents as well. Although this feature of the laundry detergent makes it leave pleasant fragrances on the washed clothes it also has negative effects. Cleaners Greenwich claim that the ingredient used to add perfume smell to the laundry detergent can cause allergic reactions to people with more sensitive skin.


The extra features provide by the manufactures of most types of laundry detergents can have great effect on the clothes by making them smell nicer, remove stains and spots from them or make them softer. However, most of this added feautres have some types of downsides as well.

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