Top advices for using a Digital Signage network to make money online

Posted on Feb 2 2013 at 02:45:25 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Top advices for using a Digital Signage network to make money online

Anyone dreams of a perfect solution and a way in which they can increase their current income using the web. And that’s not easy to achieve. And also we find out there, lying around on the corner, guys that pretend to have the solution that can make you a millionaire over night. And they even ask for money to teach you stuff that is usually worthless.  But the truth is that you CAN succeed using the internet. It won’t happen overnight but you do have an equal chance with anyone trying to do the same thing and starting at the same time with you.
Think about it. You are sitting behind your computer, trying to find a way to make your own cash and some other guy is doing the same thing in a different part of the world.  It has no special skills or high end equipment, he’s just trying to live a better life and build a career online.

Like I said, there are many roads on which you can step in order to find the right direction that you need. But at some point, you do have to decide in which direction you are planning to go.
The Digital Signage Technology. Online and Offline.

Years ago, I’ve heard about the Digital Signage technology and I was fascinated by how easily it can be used to promote a product, a service or even an entire business. Of course, we all know the basic meaning of a Digital Signage network. It is related to those TV screens we see in shopping malls, grocery shops, and local banks and so on. They are used mainly to advertise but also to entertain the audience.

At first I didn’t have a clue of how it all works and I was wondering if the guys in charge with displaying the content had to update everything manually, on location. So I found a worker that was installing a TV screen for a local Digital Signage network and I ask him a few questions. I was very surprised to find out that at first, most of the stuff were indeed managed locally, without the possibility of having a remote access to the TV screens. So things like VCR’s or DVD players were used to publish the content on those TV screens, or monitors.

But things changed and more and more powerful Signage Software applications were developed, capable of creating, managing, and deploying the content 100% remotely. So here starts the adventure of using a Digital Signage network, from the comfort of your house, in order to gain clients and win revenue.

How does it work?

The main core of a Digital Signage network is the Signage software that is used as a tool to manage the entire system. Using a Signage application like (SAS) Software As a Service will allow you to sub rent the options that the application itself uses.

So the first step will be to build yourself a nice website, using some SEO technics and gain more traffic and then find Signage Software that suits your needs. Having the option to re-brand the application, will allow you to use it as if it isyour own.

So any visitor that will use your website, or that can have access to the signage software and use it to manage their own content, deploy dynamic content on the screens and basically run a Digital Signage software by themselves.

You don’t have to buy or rent any TV screens this job will be done by those on the ground. Your new customers. They are the ones that are using the software provided by you, on your website.

SO all you have to do is find a good and effective Digital Signage application and use your website to let people use it as a Service after you brand it as beingyour own. Of course, if the company that developed it will allow you to do that. And some of them would.

You can charge a monthly fee, you can charge a fee based on the number of screens the clients are deploying the content on, and so on and so forth. You have many options and since you have no other things to do in terms of investing, you can continue updating your website and making it accessible to as many users as possible. You can even let the customers try your software for a specific period of time for FREE and if they are satisfied they can continue with it as a paid service.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does! Making passive income on the internet is not something but using a Digital Signage based website can help you increase your income even if you don’t have an extensive technical background.

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