Top 5 Signs She Is Into You

Posted on Jan 7 2013 at 06:28:13 PM in How-To

Top 5 Signs She Is Into You

Is your game working? Is she diggin' on you?
Five signals she will say yes:

  • Laughs at even your bad attempts at humor
  • Adjusts her hair
  • Asks you about your family
  • Wants to know what you like to do for fun
  • Lets YOU control the conversation
  • Letting you control the conversation can simply mean she lets herself get quiet. Most men who are insecure about asking women out assume when she's quiet, she has lost interest.
    It may simply be your turn to open up. Don't, not yet.

    What tactic should you take then? Nothing. Feel no obligation to say anything to her. This is where asking questions makes you more interesting and interested. Posing a question puts you in the driver seat and gives her the chance to become your passenger.

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