To Promote or Not to Promote?

Posted on Oct 10 2010 at 11:46:36 AM in Marketing & Advertising

To Promote or Not to Promote?

So how do you do it? I mean promote. Do you just put up a page and hope your friends share it with their friends? If they do, you do have something going for you. I think most of us bloggers just like to write and share, and if we make any money from our hobby then great. but if you want to make money going at a niche is the best way. i can say that i have strayed away from this practice and have gone to a hobby time with my blog. I find it harder to get readers than promising some fortune down the road if you do this.

Many blogs are either set to give you great information and how to's, but the majority are set at a certain niche. Staying on top of your blog is important because activity appears to be king these days along with relative content. So if people are posting comments about the subject, guess climb the charts to get exposure to more people. I have found this to be happening with Google and it only makes sense to me that it would work this way. It really does give the average person a chance to be great. But how do you promote?

Like I said it is hard enough to get your friends and family to participate let alone a complete stranger. So how do you get traffic to your site/blog?

I will leave this one up for comments as this appears to be a pretty smart bunch of fellow bloggers. So bring it on...tell and share what it takes to get that traffic.

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