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Posted on Jan 20 2013 at 12:50:23 PM in Internet

Sometimes a clever title is the wrong title.

No matter how clever you think you are, choosing the wrong titles will give you few readers.  A title has to grab your attention and make you want to read the article.  It also needs to indicate the topic of the article.  A good title is the hook that can capture the readers.  The Sunday Night Blog learned that last week's title was a poor choice: http://rjptalk.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/the-stars-in-the-sky-and-other-updates/

As a result fewer readers than usual stopped by the weekly blog.  This caused the update that is linked above.  While it may have seemed a good idea at the time, it soon became clear the title was ineffective at bringing in readers.  How often do you decide if you will read an article based upon the title?  Let's face it, there are lots of blogs and news sites out there.  What will cause a reader to stop and read yours?

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