Tips on How to Maintain Your Chandelier Clean

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Tips on How to Maintain Your Chandelier Clean

Chandeliers have always been associated with high class, wealth and a sign of good taste. Even the cheap ones bring some aura into your house, which cannot be denied. However, you can't only rest on the chandelier doing the lion's share of the work. You have to break sweat in order to keep it as majestic as it currently is. Depending on the type of chandelier you have this could either be very easy or incredibly hard.


Cleaners Abbotsford would like to point out that there are essentially two types of chandeliers. Ones that can be taken down to be cleaned and ones that do not allow to be taken down to be cleaned. As you might imagine the former variety is much more preferable to own, because it means that the hardest task will be getting the chandelier down, while the cleaning will run a lot smoother. The tips that I have here are fairly logical. Remember where you put the bolts and screws that hold the chandelier and also call a few friends for backup, because taking a chandelier down is not a one man mission. As for the actual cleaning. Be gentle and go easy on the liquid cleaners, because you never know if the liquid won't find the chandelier's cables and cause a short circuit.


Should your chandelier, be it for one reason or another, not allow to be taken down, you have to get a ladder, both high enough and stable enough to give you maximum reach and comfort as you clean the chandelier. Even with a secure ladder, you should think more about your safety and have a good friend or your partner hold the chandelier steady for you. When you are up there, cleaning Abbotsford teams suggest you avoid from turning the chandelier towards you once you have finished with one side as that might weaken the cable and is just a recipe for an accident. The cleaning itself is fairly simple and works in three phases: dusting, spraying water with a few drops of dish washer to get a nice shine and wiping the chandelier.


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