Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Swing

Posted on Jul 5 2012 at 12:49:23 AM in Sports & Recreation

Improving on the golf course is every golfer's mission. Whether you are a professional, amateur or just playing golf for leisure, striving for a better golf swing and lower scores are the factors that keep us picking up the golf club again and again. Golf is an individual sport and our main adversary is ourselves. Continually comparing yourself to your golf buddies will do you no good. Keep your focus instead on your own golf swing and try to beat yourself over and over again. Even when you are just killing time at the driving range or golfing at hotel resorts in Arizona, you must try to improve your golf swing at every chance.

Here are some tips to improve your golf swing:

  • Build a solid foundation – The four fundamentals of a good golf swing is the grip, alignment, stance, and posture. There are no two golf swing completely alike, but everyone must get these basics correct in order to have a good golf swing. Look for a pro golfer with similar body type, built and height as you do and observe how he performs these pre-swing aspects.
  • Keep your balance – Staying in balance keeps you in control of your shots. Keeping your balance in every stage of the golf swing allows you to keep your shot straight and effective. Practice your shots with two feet firmly on the ground in order to see if you can keep your balance while keeping the momentum of your swing.
  • Relax – Golf is a mental sport and most of the time, nerves get in the way. Tension in your body can also affect keeping your golf swing basics and maintaining your balance. If you are feeling tense it can cloud your concentration and focus. Relaxing before a shot may be hard when you are under intense pressure so you must also train your mind to be calm no matter what situation you face on the golf course. Deep breathing is an effective tool to keep you relax. You can also use a mental image of a calmer golfing experience such as your Arizona golf vacation to drive away the tension.
  • Practice – Playing golf more often and observing your progress has the biggest impact on improving your golf swing. If you are really serious on improving your golf swing, take time to play golf as much as you can. There are Arizona golf packages that will allow you to play golf as much as you want while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere.


With regular practice of building a good golf swing foundation, keeping your balance, and staying relaxed, you will be on your way in improving your golf swing. Look into AZ golf vacation packages that will allow you to do all of these tips while enjoying the breathtaking Arizona views.

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