Tips How to Properly Clean Your Iron - Part One

Posted on Dec 17 2012 at 05:32:59 AM in How-To

Do you often use your iron? And how often do you clean t? Did you know that it needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to work properly? If you want to prolong your iron's life, you will need to make sure that its steam ducks are clean and unclogged and they stay that way. You also need to keep the plate stain free. If you do not really know how to do that, here are some tips how to properly clean your iron:

Before you begin with the cleaning, you should always make sure that your iron is turned off and unplugged, otherwise you risk damaging it and harming yourself as well. Also, pour out any remaining water from the water reservoir. 

Now it is time for the cleaning, but before you start, you should know that you will have to make a decision on what kind of cleaner you want to use. You can use a commercial cleaner, or a home made natural green cleaner. The problem with the commercial ones is that all of them contain harsh chemicals, which do kill the bacteria and germs, but are not healthy at all. Because of all those chemicals, they also cost quite a lot of money. So, as you see, you spent your money on cleaners, which are not healthy to use. Home made green cleaners are a much better choice, because they are made only with natural products, which you either already own, or you can find in the nearest grocery store. Also, even if you have to buy some of the products that you need to use, they are much cheaper than commercial cleaners. So, as you see, it is much better to choose to use a home made natural cleaner. It is not only cheaper, but it is healthier as well. Plus, it is eco-friendly.

If you decide to use a commercial cleaner, cleaners Melbourne advise you to make sure that you follow the instructions of the product. 

If you want to use a home made natural cleaner, read part to find out what you need to do.  


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