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Sometimes called "Little Paris" or "The New York City of Europe", Bucharest has a wonderful bustling heart filled with people looking to make their way to the top of a vibrant metropolis.
The city is rapidly growing into one of the culture capitals of Europe and as the main entry point into the country of Romania, it sees a lot of visitors. The City has a unique charm and as a result of a recent economic boom the city has developed greatly.
The City's official language is a Romanian, which is considered a romantic descendant of ancient Latin. While there are also a number of other languages commonly spoken in the city as well, English is common as a second language for most citizens in the more urban parts of the city. Romany, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Hungarian are all also popular languages that may be heard around the city as people from different backgrounds settle there.
Almost all of the Bucharest hotels are nearer the city centre, letting tourists experience the full hustle and bustle that the quickly growing city has to offer, as well as providing great links to any out of town landmarks or areas that may be of interest to people. Also, finding a room at a Bucharest hotel is fairly easy because there are a wide variety of hotels in the downtown area.
The city is not only the culture capital of Romania, but also the industrial and financial capital of the country, not to mention the official capital city. As one of the most prosperous cities in South East Europe, Bucharest has many modern attractions that would be expected of a city of it's size.
Lying on the bank of the  Dâmbovița river, Bucharest has a wonderful wildlife side as well as the urban city life. In fact, the two combine right in the centre of the city with Lake Cișmigiu and the surrounding Cișmigiu Gardens.
In terms of sports, Bucharest is also one of the leading cities in the south east of Europe, with four prominent football teams as well as the under construction Stadionul Naţional, which will host the 2012 Europa League Final. The city hosts the BCR Open Romania every Autumn which is a part of the ATP Men's Tennis Tour, as well as hosting numerous races for different motorsport categories.
Regardless of what your interests are, Bucharest has a little bit of everything making it a great city of contrast with something for everyone to enjoy.

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