Time to “Like” Alpha Investments!

Posted on Nov 8 2012 at 03:29:28 AM in Finance & Investment

Time to “Like” Alpha Investments!

Wanted to take the chance to thank people who have “Liked” our page!  Your support is invaluable and encourages Mr. Alpha to look for more interesting names to talk about!

“Liking” our page has a distinctive advantage where if we broadcast a new post, your facebook feed would immediately pick up the feed so you can read what was newly written first hand!

For our Alert! series so far, here are the posts we have made:


HK282 post – Boom Boom Boom!

HK2688 post – VWAP Trend!


And here are year to date performances of the above stocks since the date we wrote about them.  Last closing price as at Nov 7th, 2012:


Stock: HK282
Date of Blog: Oct 2nd, 2012
CP at date of Blog: 0.76
Last CP: 1.66
% Increase: 118%


Stock: HK2688
Date of Blog: Aug 31st, 2012
CP at date of Blog: 30.6
Last CP: 33.45
% Increase: 9%


And where, may I ask, do you get performances like the above between August to Nov in such a short period of time?  I do have to say, picking out HK282 had an element of luck in it, but our record of finding out interesting names is so far, so good!

Or you could pay HKD 6 dollars to read stock analysis in the newspapers.  There, you almost always get a new pick everyday!

If you find our analysis interesting to read and think others may as well, do let others know to ”like” our page as well!  The more “likes” we get is then a real testament to value of the work that we do!!

Invite a few more friends to join!


- Mr. Alpha

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