Thrill-Seeking Manic Disorder (Part 1)

Posted on Aug 9 2011 at 11:38:51 AM in Cultures & Groups

In a world full of excitement and dangers, nobody ventures out of their comfort zone seeking for an adrenaline rush.

In Africa, dangerous wildlife, disease, starvation and wars are some of the unwanted adventures the average person has to endure on a daily basis.... Survival is hard enough for most of the citizens of the continent. They do not need to come up with thrill rides to ignite their lives.

Take a matatu from Nairobi to Nyahururu if you want a thrill ride and you will experience what a real dance with death is all about, as your the mini bus (packed with so many passengers some have to keep their heads out of the window through out the journey) swerve, rock and skirt precariously close to one of the countless precipices which make up the rift valley. For a water ride, brave the hippos and crocodiles of the Zambezi river in a flimsy pirogue carved out of a single log... and if those two experiences are not enough, try driving through war-torn countries where AK 47s rule... Once you have lived through and survived such dangers, you will learn how to smile more, because smiling is a survival mechanism.

That is why people living in wretched circumstances smile a lot more than us in the West. For them the quite life, a life of seeking the more sedate pleasures in life like living in a comfortable house, being able to look after your family and all their needs become ideal.

Too much of everything in life has it's consequences however. That is why those of us living in the Developed world should seek to push ourselves out of our comfort zones every now and then, even if that involves finding artificial ways of getting our adrenaline going. That is why once a year I sign up for one of Alton Towers Hotel Deals or Alton Towers Hotel Offers. There is something fun for every age group, which makes it ideal for a family holiday.

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