Three Main Reasons To Give Cloud Servers A Try

Posted on Dec 13 2012 at 06:21:50 AM in Computers & Internet

The use of cloud servers has increased in the last few years. A company needs to have flexibility and to try new things. Finding a reliable Orlando cloud computing company will show you how you can do just that. Speed is another thing that people need, especially when looking to update their systems. All of those services are available when you use a cloud for your computing services. If you have e-Commerce through your website, then using a cloud can save you a lot of time and headaches. There are plenty of reasons why you should give them a try but let’s focus on the three main ones.



Flexibility is one of the main advantages that you have when using cloud servers and for a business that needs to try new things and experiment, nothing could be more important. You can start a server and have it run for as long as you need it, which could be just a couple of minutes or even permanent. One of the times when you will need the flexibility given to you by a cloud is when new applications come out in the market. The testing of these new applications can take time so flexibility is necessary.


Load Balancing

Some vendors now offer load balancing which means that a person can build a server farm by simply using cloud servers. You may be wondering when you will be using that but when you are holding a special event or even during high shopping season, the ability to do so can help you a lot. If there is denial of service you will also have a higher capacity for your counter-measure. With a multi-server system you could scale out to thousands of servers if necessary. One example would be a Ddos attack when you could just add servers to counter the connection flood.



The cloud based method will be your best friends when you need to back up an entire system. That is because anyone could make snapshots of the server so that you have an image of all the data at a certain point in time. If you have a ten gigabyte system, then you can have it fully backed up in about thirty minutes. You also have the option to set up the system to take automatic snapshots every few hours so that a recent backup is always available for your site. 


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