Three Great Tips For Hypnotic Induction

Posted on Aug 5 2012 at 11:02:21 PM in Higher Education

Three Great Tips For Hypnotic Induction

Three Great Tips for Inducing hypnosis have been greatly simplified and demystified due to advances in the understanding of science and medicine.

TIP 1: One of the most important prerequisites to inducing methods of hypnosis is building trust and rapport with the patient. Only until trust and rapport is built can one start to use different hypnotic induciton techniques.

TIP 2: Regardless of the various hypnotic induction techniques you use, another very important requirement BEFORE using various methods of hypnosis is to have the patient listen to you as the hypnotist (Tip: Use a dominant tone of voice and matching body language!), relax their body and mind, eventually close their eyes and imagine the hypnotic suggestions you are giving them.

TIP 3: Another important factor in successfully inducing methods of hypnosis is using a very good techinque that Hypnotists constanty rely on because it has been proven to be very effective. Use objects to your advantage! Ask your patient to concentrate on a object overhead above eye level of the patient. This allows the patient to focus on the object and less on their own random thoughts that cloud and prevent hypnotic suggestions. By attentively looking above their eye level, the patient is placing more strain on their eyes and makes it easier for the hypnotist to have the person close their eyes

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