Think safety with battery operated candles

Posted on Aug 14 2012 at 09:06:06 PM in Entertainment

Think safety with battery operated candles

As he had done so many times in the past, Reuben managed to find himself in the doghouse with his girlfriend Pamela and it seemed that nothing short of a miracle would get him out of it this time. He thought about buying her flowers but she was allergic to most of them, jewelry was just not in his budget and it was too late to make a reservation at any of the romantic restaurants close by. A candlelight dinner for two would be ideal, but he would probably have to arrange it at his home. After filling the grocery list with the needed items to prepare the meal, he realized that the romantic dinner could be in jeopardy due to the fact that he forgot to buy candles. It was then he remembered that he had purchased some Battery operated lights to try and now would be a good time to put them to good use.


There are many reasons to purchase battery operated candles but the least of which should be to put away for a rainy day, unless that rainy day comes complete with a blackout. We depend on electricity for everything we do and it is for that reason that the smart shopper will always have items on standby in the event of an electric interruption. Candles are one of the handiest things to have around the house during a break in your electrical power, the problem with regular wax candles is there is an element of danger that comes with it, especially if your power supply remains off for a long time. With so many sources of energy, battery operated candles is easier than trying to find a dry match during a hurricane.


Because of the day to day fire hazards that we face, whether from an electric fire due to a power overload, a grease fire due to oil that simply got too hot, or maybe a a cigarette fire due to the smoker falling asleep while smoking, why add the risk of lit candles to the equation. If you are thinking fire safety then you should probably consider Scented flameless candles to stock in your home. At the very least you will be contributing to a safer environment where fewer fires exist and there is no need to break open any of those fire extinguishers. Just think, the next time you are looking for some candles to help you get out of the dog house, you will already have some on hand.

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