Things You Didn’t Know About Costa Rica

Posted on Oct 21 2011 at 02:30:55 AM in Travel

Costa Rica is a wonderful country, for sure. I’m going to assume that you haven’t been there already, which is why you’re reading this article to find out lots about the place. So, let’s not beat around the bush, here are some thing that you didn’t already know about Costa Rica:

Unlike most Spanish speakers, the Costa Ricans calls themselves Ticas and Ticos, rather than chicas and chicos. Actually, that was a pretty poor translation, as I think ‘chica’ and ‘chico’ mean ‘chick’ and ‘dude’ respectively. So, it’s doubtful that the Costa Ricans are actually referring to themselves as chicks and dudes, but it would be pretty cool if they did. Maybe next time I volunteer in Costa Rica I’ll actually take the trouble to find out what the Costa Ricans really are calling themselves so as not to misinform anyone planning on going there.

Like all other countries, the Costa Ricans have a certain set of national icons, though they do not have an official national dish, as per se, like we do in the UK. The Costa Rican national tree (they have a national tree!?) is the Guanacaste (sounds suspiciously like guano) and the grey thrush is the Costa Rican national bird. This chimes well with the ancient Mayan belief in bird-worship a little, don’t you think? Also, the Costa Rican national flower is the guaria morada, which is some type of orchid or something. It’s nice that every country seems to have a set of national icons to celebrate its respective differences between neighbouring nations, a little cute even. It’s funny to think how beautiful and powerful the Costa Rican national icons are, say, compared to those of Wales: the Welsh dragon, the leek and the cheese and ham toastie.

Finally, Costa Rica has one of the highest average life-expectancies in the world: 77 years. Wow, that’s pretty good compared to the 73 or 75 or whatever it is we have back here in the UK. No, that’s doesn’t mean that if you choose to live in Costa Rica or volunteer in Guatemala that you life-expectancy will somehow magically increase, do don’t get your hopes up!

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