Things that Must Stay Away from the Vacuum Cleaner

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Things that Must Stay Away from the Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaners in most of the households today are something common and people tend to take them for granted, but actually these machines are fragile. Every vacuum cleaner also needs a good maintenance and protection. The latter means that there are several things that should not be vacuum cleaned.


Vacuum cleaners are meant to clean carpets, rugs and other similar things. Loose hardware is not among those things. Screws, tacks and nails can easily damage the motor. You have to be careful with the fresh foods too. While it may be fine to vacuum up spilled salt, sugar or other powder-like substances, trying to vacuum up wet foods such as baked beans, salad, raw vegetables, fresh meats, poultry and seafood is a bad idea.


Mind the children and pets' behaviour. Their toys could be everywhere, so make sure to place them in the designated drawers. Another bad decision is to mes with the coffee grounds – they can easily be blown all over the house due to the suction and the air release from the vacuum’s head. Plants often shed leaves and possibly flowers, so be sure to discard them in a garbage can or bin.


London cleaning services are equipped with vacuum cleaners manufactured to suck up liquids. However, most regular vacuums should not be used for this.


Another threat for the vacuum cleaners are the dirty socks or underwear (ultimately, vacuuming up any of these items could also cause the motor to catch on fire) and also cosmetics. The residue of the latter could attach itself to the lower portion of the vacuum and be transferred to stairways, steps or tile floors. Trying to suck up outdoor soil could be a disaster. Not only can soil stain, but wet soil may cause even more damage. It can become embedded in carpeting and rugs if vacuumed up.


For a proper house cleaning, keep in mind that a vacuum cleaner should be used for dirty carpets and rugs and not as a trash can for everything.

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