The Zero Day

Posted on Jan 2 2013 at 11:07:22 AM in Artists

New year, new life, new chances, new lilt. Today is Zero Day in my calendar. It means planning and preparing. Tomorrow I will start to freshen all the profiles, updating and uploading lots of lost tracks, correcting broken links, practice live act, maybe recording one, start to communicate with followers and groups I am in, nurture connections, advertising, create new design, new pictures... so I have work to do continuously. Not mentioned the most important: create new music pieces and finish incomplete ones. I got to start to work now. I mean, tomorrow...

I will upload all my previous works and make them downloadable for free.

Enhanced Plays:
The Future is Calling Me EP (2011)
Unsouled Remastered EP (2011)
Distance EP (2010)
Uncommon Music Library EP (2010)
Unsouled EP (2010)
New Age Arising EP (2005)
Near EP (2003)

Long Plays:
Please Take Care of These LP (2010)
Most Strangest Songs of the Universe LP (2007)
Long Hot Summer LP (2005)
Home Made Music LP (2004)
Destruction LP (2004)
New Cafepop LP (2004)
Healing Sounds LP (2004)
Earth We Live On LP (2003)
Avoid The Void LP (2003)
Clock Work Machine LP (2003)
Ankauf Alter Möbel LP (2002)
The Magic of Monotony LP (2002)
Open Air Scene LP (2001)
Dance LP (2001)

Nightmare SP (2010)
This Harmony SP (2010)
This Way SP (2008)
Message of No-More SP (2004)

Promo LP (2009)

Contributions and Collaborations:
International Email Audio Art Project (2010-2011)
Dancing About Architecture (2009)
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