The Worst Jobs in The World

Posted on Jan 28 2013 at 09:10:31 AM in Humor

The Worst Jobs in The World

George Carlin said "Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There is a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." It is kind of true. Almost everyone hates their job, and for the people who don't - I am really happy for you. Yes, there are people who are just neutral or are happy to have a job, but I can't imagine a person, who does not complain about their work. But there are people who really have the right to complain. If you think, that sitting on a chair for eight hours and doing all kinds of documents for someone is bad (which is nothing special and you should stop complaining), you should look at the next guys.

What are the worst jobs in the world? I will start with probably with one of the most unpleasant - an animal masturbator. I am saying an animal and I'm not specifying the exact kind of animal, because does it matter if you are going to work with horses or elephants? Of course, there are modern technologies, which are allowing you to use fake vaginas or some stimulant to do the job, but there are still some people, who have to do it manually. The electric stimulant is put in the animal's rectum. You can figure what it does. The artificial vagina is a large latex tube with a lot of lube on it. The trick here is, that you have to manually put the penis into the artificial vagina and hold it 'till the ejaculation. I am not even going to talk about the manual method.

The Roadkill remover. Deffinetly one of the worst jobs in the World. Well, obviously it is about removing dead bodies from the roads. I'm not talking about human bodies, this is a job for crime investigators, but about animal bodies. Accidents happen and all kinds of animals could be found dead on the road. It is not hard, but is really unpleasant, because the smell of dead bodies or the looks are just horrific. Plus, you have to know deal with all the traffic.

Sewers cleaner. In the modern world, these things are done a lot easier and with the use of machineries. But if you go to India or other countries like that, you will see that all the work is done manually. A person goes down the manhole and stays in a low crouch position the whole day. He has to face human waste and dead rodents. And all he is wearing are some regular pants or a track suit. I don't thing it is necessary to explain more.

Continuing the theme about human waste - portable toilet cleaners are next in line. We all have been in such facility. It is not really pleasant inside, but it is better, than nothing. Thing is, they are mostly used on concerts or in other occasions, where hundreds or even thousands of people are using it per day. Imagine, that the concert is over and now it's your job to clean the whole mess after all the drunk people. Of course, they are using professional tools, so they don't get in such contact with the dirty surfaces, but still it is really unpleasant. 

I work in a junk removal London based company. As a rubbish collector I always thought, that it is one of the worst jobs in the world, because you have to face all kinds of dirt everyday, you have to see some really weird places and to deal with bad people. But learning about these jobs, I know that mine is pretty sweet, so now I go with a smile every day.


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