The Walking Dead

Posted on Nov 10 2012 at 10:08:24 PM in Medicine

The Walking Dead
Zombie Shuffle A woman I have been talking and corresponding
with recently said the experience of being in the Psychiatric Hospital seemed as traumatic as
the Postpartum Psychosis Episode
itself. I myself have often reflected on that and felt similar. The things you
experience inside a mental health facility can be very scary, especially if you
are there as a forensic patient and are doing your 'time' vs
just being there until you are better.

Aside from the constant screaming and noise,
there's the having to see or hear someone being forced, sometimes physically to
take medication. After watching the patient pace the hallways for perhaps a
month, more or less, doing any number of things, there will be an emergency
order written for them to receive medication. Usually they are told and are
given the option of taking it orally at that point and if still refusing are
held down by any number of staff and given injections of meds. You can hear them
screaming and begging, pleading. I can recall some .... More

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