The Surprise Engagement: Ready for Take Off

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After a stressful Wednesday, Friday March 23rd arrived quickly and we were ready for takeoff. We woke up and I took Nicole to the Airport for her flight at 11am to Vancouver. Her flight from Vancouver to Toronto would leave at 12pm.  After I dropped her off, I came back to get ready before my flight, which was at 1:35pm to Toronto.

           When I got home I didn’t have a lot to do but with all the excitement of the day the next hour and half went by like a whirlwind. While I got ready my friend was on her over to drive me to the airport. At the same time, I was frantically texting and facebooking incoherent instructions to the three people who would be at the airport parking lot to surprise Nicole. By incoherent instructions I literally mean I may as well of wrote them in another language, my mind was going in a million directions. I know by now you’re already thinking, what surprise at the airport. Just like Nicole, you’re just going to have to wait and be surprised for yourselves.


          When my friend arrived, I’m pretty much acting like a chicken with its head cut off. I have everything that I need but I keep putting down one item, picking up another and forgetting where I set the last. During the forty five minutes she was over, we spent a lot of time talking about my plans. Although discussing all the important details was good, some of the things we discussed I hadn’t considered until then, thus adding to my head spinning even more. The only thought that I could really maintain in my head was what do I need in order to propose to Nicole and that answer was simple enough, my body and the ring. This was quite obvious because it took me those forty five minutes just to iron my dress shirt, which left me with no time to iron my pants, luckily they didn’t really need to be.

         I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. One of the benefits of Nicole flying to Vancouver was that I would land thirty minutes before her plane. This would allow me time to meet with the people I had at the airport beforehand. However, that advantage quickly disappeared as my flight was literally delayed by forty minutes; all I could hope for was that I would land maybe a minute or two before and not after.


                The race was on. After my plane landed I turned on my phone. Instantly I got a text from Nicole asking where I was. I told her I just landed and she was excited because her flight just landed too! Only thing was, I still need to make contact with my friends waiting at the top of the airport parking lot to make sure we were good to go.


               Now a few things all happened literally at the same time that allowed me to get everything organized and make brief visual contact with everyone at the top of the parking lot, before Nicole even made it to arrivals. Since Nicole and I were only spending the weekend in Ontario and leaving Monday, we only brought one bag of luggage, which I took with me. The logic behind this was since I was landing first it would be a lot easier and faster if I took the luggage. That way when Nicole’s plane landed she could just immediately exit the plane and come to the arrivals.

             Now that we landed at the same time I still had to exit the plane and get the luggage.  There was nothing that was going to delay Nicole from departing from her plane and getting to arrivals before I could.  

            Thankfully lady luck would show up once again. First, one of the people there to surprise Nicole worked for West Jet. She messaged me saying don’t worry about your luggage we could get it after, the people at the luggage claims would hold on to it. Secondly, since my plane was late leaving Calgary everyone was rushed off. Many of the passengers had connecting flights to catch. Lastly, as Nicole was heading towards arrivals an old lady approached her and decided to talk about life for about ten minutes and complain about where you can and can’t smoke.


              These three factors allowed me exit my plane rush outside look up to the top off the airport parking lot and wave to everyone signaling that I was ready. As I was rushing back to the arrivals to meet Nicole, I was somehow able to smash my head not once, but twice (because somehow it bounced) into a concrete pillar. This was due to the fact that my head was still looking back at the parking lot, as my body was heading in the other direction towards arrivals, while I was busy thinking about everything. After I hit my head and felt completely dazed, only two things entered my mind; who saw it happen and what if I had knocked myself out cold? I quickly regained my composure, got my head back on straight, and kept going.

              When Nicole left arrivals she was surprised to see me there waiting for her since we landed at the same time. I explain to her that we were rushed off the plane and she told me about the old lady that held her up talking.

           Naturally she asked where the luggage was. I told her I already dropped it off with our ride. Next she questions why I was dressed so formally. I told her it was because of our one year Anniversary and it started now. 

              Finally we made it to the top of the parking lot. Nicole asked where our ride was. I took out my phone and told her they were on their way up, but in reality my phone had died about ten minutes earlier.  At the top of the parking lot I took Nicole to the corner where we first kissed. By this point I felt she had an idea of what was about to happen especially since she didn’t question the fact that our ride still hadn’t made it to the top yet.


            To allow time for everyone to get ready, I decided we should take pictures of ourselves. Thinking this would only take a minute or two maximum. However, as we were taking these decoy pictures, Nicole decided she had to inspect each one and about ten minutes later she was satisfied with the shots we took. Now I can finally propose to her.

           You would think with two months of planning, a four hour flight and the pep talk I had with my friend before going to the airport I would know exactly what I wanted to say. This definitely was not the case. Instead I just started saying a lot of romantic things in no particular order. Quickly I realized that I was beginning to rant and that Nicole really wasn’t even hearing a thing I was saying as I could tell she knew by this point what was happening.

   I dropped to my knee and pulled out the ring from my coat pocket, and said to Nicole, “will you marry me?”  without hesitation she said, “Yes, a million times yes!” and she jumped into my arms. Without realizing it two of our friends started to creep out from behind the cars, they were hiding behind while still taking pictures. In shock and with great enjoyment she realized who it was and couldn’t believe they were there.

  Just when Nicole didn’t think it would get any better, out of the distance a man with a guitar walked towards us. He introduced himself to Nicole and started playing just the way you are, by Bruno Mars. The one song she always wanted someone to sing to her. By this point Nicole is completely stunned. After the song he left as quickly as he appeared, vanished as if it was nothing but a dream.

         To be there that night my friend missed part of a concert, to sing that song for Nicole. One of the girls had to show up late to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time to be there.  The other girl had actually just moved from Calgary back to Mississauga.  Nicole was so heartbroken about the move that it was a tremendous surprise to see her there as well. These very kind and generous friends turned what might have been a sentimental proposal between Nicole and I and turned it into a scene made for the movies. If I could have had everyone there I would have had a lifetime of favours to repay.

         The last surprise I had for Nicole that night was at my house a fifteen minute drive from the airport. Her parents were waiting there to surprise her. However, that wasn’t the end of the surprises I had for Nicole. There was still one more to come.

There will be pictures to follow this post shortly of the Engagement!


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