The Surprise Engagement: A Near Disaster!

Posted on May 3 2012 at 12:04:34 PM in Travel

       Finally after two months it’s Wednesday, March 21, and I am two days away from flying to Ontario on Friday, March 23rd, and proposing to Nicole. At the end of January I had only booked my ticket to fly back to Ontario. Nicole hadn’t at the time because she still had the companion pass for West Jet. She thought it would be a good idea to wait and see how full the flight to Ontario would be. If she could get on with her companion pass then the flight would be much cheaper, otherwise as the day approached we could easily book a ticket.

 However, things spun out of control and in a hurry.  Our friend who gave Nicole the companion pass way back last May messaged us and said the flights are getting pretty full and we should consider booking a ticket for Nicole. A little worried we go online and check it out. As we looked for flights we noticed something, there are no flights until Saturday. My heart dropped, I couldn’t believe it. I remember Nicole saying to me, “I guess you were right I should have booked my ticket back in January.” I was completely torn inside, her comment as innocent as was it was, since she didn’t have an idea what was happening that weekend was the last thing I needed to hear at that time. I messaged our friend back and said it’s over the entire weekend is blown. I thought there was no way this weekend was happening now.

             Not only was I proposing to her but I had organized a surprise engagement party on Saturday for all of our friends and family to be there. Over the course of the two months leading up to proposing, all of our friends and family had taken the time to make sure they were free that day and most people would be driving for at least an hour to come see her even if it was for a short period of time. Some had driven as far as 4 hours one way just to see her for the day. There were a lot of people who had committed to come to the surprise party and it felt like I was about to let everyone one down.

  I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of time her sister who generously hosted the party at her house, her child hood friend and parents had put into decorating the house, and making sure there would be enough food for everyone.

 If there was ever a time I wanted to be soooo angry at Nicole it was that moment in which she said to me, “oh well maybe we can do it another weekend,” like it was no big deal. In some ways I should have been happy I kept her thrown off from any indication of truly proposing, but at that moment I was so furious and sad at the same time but I couldn’t be upset with Nicole she really had no idea. It wouldn’t have been a bad idea but that certainly was not the case.  All I kept thinking was how do I tell everyone the show has been cancelled?

  We tried looking to see if she could fly out of other places in the area but nothing. Then suddenly I thought why not see if she can fly into a different city and then fly to Toronto. I looked online for flights from every province that would fly to Toronto and finally I found one. There was a flight from Calgary to Vancouver and then Vancouver to Toronto.  Nicole phones West Jet to book her flight because through her companion pass if she decides to book a flight instead of flying standby she can guarantee herself a seat at a reduced rate. As she’s talking to the lady to book literally the last ticket to Vancouver the lady all of sudden says, “Somebody just took that seat.”

By this point I am devastated, literally by thirty seconds we missed the last possible option to get Nicole to Ontario. Then Nicole looks at me and says, “well the lady says there is one more seat available at 11am and it’s the last flight, should I book it?” Frantically I say, “Yes book it book it!!!”, as I am about ready to literally burst out of my skin. What appeared to be certain defeat we somehow turned into a miracle. In some ways it would also turn out for the best, because my flight from Calgary would also land 40 minutes before Nicole’s from Vancouver and that would give me time to set up. Set up you say, yes because I had some surprises waiting for her at the airport, that certain people had graciously taken time and were making hug sacrifices to be there.  That story comes next!

On a side note we later realized the reason why the flights were so full was not due to our carelessness, but it was march break here in Calgary, which happens a week later than Ontario’s so everyone was booking flights to leave the province. 


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