The right anchoring systems can withstand anything

Posted on May 16 2012 at 05:56:33 PM in Security

The right anchoring systems can withstand anything

In the coming months we will again be faced with the possibility of unexpected storms and hurricanes, just like we did in every other season gone by. The thing about a hurricane is that it can be very destructive to life and property and even though there is such a thing known as a hurricane tracker, there is nothing that can be done to save your property after the fact. Buildings are usually torn apart by the high wind speed and unless the Anchoring Systems are of good quality and properly constructed, you could find many structures piled up on the side of the road, or flying through the air to an unknown destination.


City planners have determined that in order to withstand some of these higher category hurricanes, like a 4 or a 5, the buildings being erected in hurricane prone areas should be put together according to specific guidelines. Before a building plan can be approved it must pass a stringent inspection period, if only to ensure that life within and property around is not affected by the design and build of this one. If the building structure is put together in a high risk hurricane area it must be able to withstand at least a 5 on the hurricane scale. Steel buildings are the recommended choice.


I have never been out and about during a hurricane but I have witnessed some of the fury that comes with it, through the lens of a camera. I can only imagine what the bridges that we use must endure in order to avoid the possibility of crashing down. A small bridge in some rural part of town may be relatively easy to repair or replace, but when you start thinking about the Brooklyn bridge in New York it will dawn on you that building a bridge takes a lot more than you might think. Just imagine how heavy duty these bridges must be in order to withstand the elements that we sometimes have coming our way.

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