The Rich History of Vienna

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Vienna is fascinating city, rich in culture and traditions, and with a background that sets it apart as one of the most historically significant cities in Europe. Pay a visit for yourself, and book a stay in one of the many fabulous hotels in Vienna.
This unique city combines a sensibility for taste and refinement, with a history of great power and military force. For many generations, Vienna was the royal seat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a result of its regal connections, the city boasts majestic architecture, and a staggering sense of pride and grandeur. Just walk through the streets of Vienna, and you’ll find ornate tree-lined promenades, fantastic colonnades and countless statues and monuments.
In fact, Western Europe could be said to owe something of a debt to the military force of Vienna – it was here that the Ottoman Empire was finally defeated, after sweeping their way across Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and towards the rest of Europe, throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries! Aside from royalty, Vienna has also been home to a number of other notable names throughout history. This was the home of the legendary psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, as well as the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Nowadays, Vienna is famous as one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. It has been ranked as one of the most pleasant European cities to live in time and time again, and makes the perfect destination for anyone who has an interest in culture and history. You could spend your trip exploring museums and art galleries, or just wandering through the beautiful streets, and admiring the ornate architecture which adorns much of the city centre.
When it comes to accommodation, you’ll be spoilt for choice – from the decadent Hilton Hotel Vienna, to the city’s great selection of hostels and guesthouses, you’ll find something suitable for every stay.
So, why wait? Book your trip now, and immerse yourself in one of Europe’s most important - not to mention beautiful - ancient cities.

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