The Removal Of Norton 360 From Your Computer

Posted on Nov 26 2012 at 01:19:28 PM in Computers & Internet

If you had installed Norton 360 on your computer, and now if you want to remove it, then there are a few steps that you need to follow to successfully uninstall it from your computer. The strongest protection that it provides you are from spyware, virus, Phishing, etc. It also provides you with a good quality backup of your data. But in rare cases when this security system gets corrupted, or has stopped working all of a sudden, then you have to uninstall it from your computer. After the removal of the software you have to install the latest version so that your computer regains its lost protection.

The easy removal of the Norton 360

If you want to remove the Norton Internet Security completely from your computer, then you have to remove the current installation of the software from your computer. To achieve this step you will have to download the software that helps you to remove the antivirus from your computer. If this is not done properly, then the new antivirus that you will load will not be able to work properly. The product removal file from Symantec has to be run on the computer by double clicking on the icon. After the complete removal, you have to restart the computer.

After the completion of this step, you will have to visit the account that you had created after purchasing Norton 360 2013. After this you can purchase the latest version of the product that is available on the internet. After downloading the security system, you will be required to reinstall the software on your computer. After the installation is complete, you will have to restart your computer, and then you will find that the new antivirus has been successfully installed in your computer.

Ensuring the complete removal of the corrupted antivirus

The removal tool that is specially available for removing the Norton Internet Security scours your computer for any remnant of the previous antivirus. It searches for its even in the registry files, and also other associated folders and files. Although the removal tool should perform the task without any problem, but the antivirus files enter deep into your computer. So getting rid of the files is not so easy. If you do not make sure that all the files have been deleted, then it will cause a problem later on. There are some antivirus that does not install if they find any other antivirus remnant in the computer. 

So, before you remove the antivirus from your system, make sure that you really want to uninstall it. You should keep one thing in mind that as soon as you delete your old security files, you will lose all the settings of the programs that you had done, and also other quarantined files, and other important data. After the removal of the antivirus, you will also lose the product key. So, if you ever want to reinstall it, then you will not be able to do it. So, if you have not stored the product key anywhere, then do it now.

After removing the Norton 360 from your computer, if you want to reinstall a new antivirus, then is the best place to search for the new antivirus that are available in the market. This website also helps you to gather information about the product before you actually purchase it.

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