The Region of Istria in Croatia

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The Region of Istria in Croatia

Croatia is ranked as the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world and there is a clear reason for this. The country boasts unpolluted sea nature reflected through numerous nature reserves and 116 Blue Flag beaches, cultural tourism relying on appeal of medieval coastal cities and numerous cultural events taking place during the summer. Inland areas offer mountain resorts and spas. All these features show that Croatia rivals many famous tourist destinations.


As we call Croatia a tourist hub in the Adriatic, it would be useful for those who plan to visit the country for a first time to have a need-to-know basis of the main attractions. Let's take a look at Istria, one of the eight distinct tourist regions.


Te peninsula of Istria has the many notable interests. Its west coast has several historical towns dating from Roman times, including Porec with its Euphrasian Basilica, example of 6th century mosaics depicting old-style Byzantine art. The town has also Venetian Gothic palaces, Romanesque houses and Baroque hall. Pula has one of the best preserved Amphitheatres in the world, which is still in use for festivals and events. It is surrounded by large hotel complexes, resorts, camps and sports facilities. It shows up that the country we call Croatia used to be a preferable tourist destination during the Roman times – Roman villlas and temples still lie buried among farm fields and along the shoreline of the dozens of surrounding fishing and farming villages. The coastal waters offer beaches, fishing, wreck dives to ancient Roman galleys and World War I warships, cliff diving, and sailing to unspoiled coves and islands large and small. Being the region's largest city, Pula is also the end point of the Euro Velo 9 cycle route that runs from Gdansk on the Baltic Sea through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.


Another attractive place for beach relaxation is the town of Rovinj, containing well-indented coastal areas with a number of small bays hidden within dense vegetation, open to naturists.


The interior of Istria is quieter, very green and wooded, with dozens of tiny stone towns perched on hills, such as Motovun. The river Mirna flows below the hill and on the other side of the river there is the famous Motovun forest, an area of about 10 square kilometres in the valley of the river Mirna, of which 280 hectares (2.8 km2) is specially protected. This area differs completely not only from the nearby forests, but also from those of the entire surrounding karst region because of its wild life, moist soil. Since 1999, Motovun has hosted the international Motovun Film Festival for independent and avant-garde films from the U.S. and Europe.


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