The Razor MX 350 Makes A Great Starter Dirt Bike For Kids

Posted on Apr 19 2012 at 08:29:27 AM in Cars & Vehicles

The Razor MX 350 makes for a great scaled down dirt bike for kids, and is one of the easiest models on the market for even the most inexperienced rider to handle. This Dirt Rocket will put them through their paces, grinding up enough dirt and rocks for hours on end with a single charge of its powerful battery. What better way for your kids to live out the fantasy of flying through terrain challenges on the bike of their dreams, but in the safest way ever created.


Features Of The Razor MX 350 Dirt Rocket


Easily handling weights of up to 150 pounds, this Razor MX 350 bike is designed to be handled rough and ridden tough. Easily chewing through most terrain with its high torque electric motor, it can be run for up to 10 miles on a single 8 hour charge of its powerful 500 watt battery. This bike doubles as both a dirt bike for adventurous terrain challenges, and a miniature motocross bike for daredevil stunts galore.


The knobby 12 inch pneumatic tires ensures the maximum power charge over any terrain, with little chance that the bike will get away from even the most inexperienced rider. With practice, the kids will soon be flying around like they have been doing it all their lives, relying on the Razor MX 350 and its dual suspension and riser handlebars for a smooth ride. Suitable for riders age 12 and up, the controls feature a twist grip throttle, hand operated rear braking system, a retractable kick stand, and foot pegs that fold up and out of the way.


Important Maintenance And Care Tips For The Razor MX 350


The maximum speed the Razor MX 350 can reach is around 14 MPH, making it safe for any kid to ride. For the best safety in operation, it is recommended that regular checks and adjustments be made to the rear braking controls from time to time, to ensure that stopping of the bike can be done with only minimal hand action on the controllers.


The battery should be recharged after every riding session, and should be charged for a minimum of 8 hours for the best results. The chain on the variable speed drive should be regularly lubricated to prevent wear and tear, with a penetrable Teflon lubricant. The pneumatic tires are adjustable, and you should always make sure they make the proper contact with the road.


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