The Pumpkin Man: Got Your Jack O’Lantern Carved Yet?

Posted on Oct 25 2011 at 12:17:08 PM in Books

The Pumpkin Man: Got Your Jack O’Lantern Carved Yet?

John Everson won the HWA Bram Stoker award for his first novel, Covenant. The Pumpkin Man is his fifth novel. I originally snapped up an advance reader’s copy of The Pumpkin Man because it looked so appropriate for Halloween. I’m not a huge horror fan so I was kind of dreading reading it. This is definitely an over 18 book, because of the nature of some of the rituals involved. That said, I really liked the main character and her friends as well as John Everson’s writing style. It ended up being a novel I couldn’t put down!

Jenn’s father was recently murdered in his Chicago apartment in a gruesome yet mysterious manner. The police don’t want to tell her too much about it, just that it was a ritualistic murder and they have few clues about who did it. Given that her father had no known enemies, the whole thing seems so senseless to her. When she goes to his apartment to box things up and see if there are any mementos she wants to keep, Jenn kinds a small triangle of dried up pumpkin under a table. Odd, but she figures it’s just left over from last Halloween. Read the rest of my review at

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