The Postmortal: Would You Like to Be Immortal?

Posted on Oct 4 2011 at 12:12:35 PM in Books

The Postmortal: Would You Like to Be Immortal?

I kept seeing the book cover art for Drew Magary’s new novel The Postmortal and something about it drew me in, so I agreed to read it to see if I wanted to review it. The Postmortal takes a very intelligent, realistic look at what could happen to our planet if scientists discovered the secret to immortality. It’s partially a morality tale, partially a conspiracy thriller and partially an action adventure. Above all, it’s a really fun and eye-opening read!

 Given our culture’s fascination with youth, no one seems to want to get old – much less die – and we definitely don’t want those we love to die. We also like certainty in and control over our lives. There’s just too much uncertainty in dying. Obviously religions tell us what happens next but no one we know personally has come back after death to tell us what really happens, not counting near-death experiences. Besides there’s the curiosity factor - what kind of neat stuff are you going to miss that will happen after you die? To read the rest of my review, use this shortlink:

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