The New Hyper 7 TQ

Posted on Apr 25 2012 at 09:57:32 AM in News & Media

The New Hyper 7 TQ

Hobao no longer make all the different versions of the hyper 7 you may be used to. Hyper 7 TQ 21 (Green One) Hyper 7 TQ 28 (Red One) Hyper 7 Black Edition, early 2012 they revamped all of the above models to include savox servos. This was mainly the only problem found with this rtr world leading model.

Now they have discontinued all the Hyper 7 range to make 1 Hyper 7 which they call the Hyper 7 TQ. As the red and green hyper’s where more suited to a beginner/basher the old hyper 7 black edition was more suited to someone looking at getting into racing.

This new Hyper 7 TQ is suited to all as it features 14mm big bore shocks, new front/rear shock tower design, dual stage air filter, adjustable steering link, adjustable camber link and a new enclosed battery box.

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