The New German Medicine and the Five Biological Laws

Posted on Oct 29 2011 at 05:51:31 AM in Health

The New German Medicine and the Five Biological Laws

The New German Medicine approaches the disease, especially cancer, from a completely different angle. Its view is opposed to the approach accepted by the modern Western societies. For the first time, diseases are not seen as enemies, but as a natural biological reaction created by the body in order to confront a certain conflict. Of course, this conflict will depend on the interpretation made by the individual, and will go through different and very specific phases.

Although in the beginning Dr Ryke Hamer – creator of this new way of considering our nature – was ridiculed,  mistreated and silenced, there is a growing number of professionals around the globe that are starting to feel aligned with his discoveries. This documentary explains in very clear terms what the New German Medicine is and which are its 5 Biological Laws. Until now, all cancer cases studied have fitted perfectly into these laws, and Dr Hamer has obtained results that are currently for the traditional medicine.



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