The Mother Ship

Posted on Apr 27 2012 at 11:53:31 AM in Personal

The Mother Ship

I have visions of crows sitting on their branches looking down onto the road and saying “not that one, nope not that one, maybe but not right, nope, yes…..there it is – GO!”

I’ll never forget the first ride where we discovered big black crows for some reason hone in on my husband, Bart, while we are riding.  It’s like our black leathers disguise us to be some sort of Crow mother ship. 

The day was beautiful and the road even better.  I was sitting back on my bitch pad admiring the view and breathing in the warm summer smells,  when all of a sudden a crow out of now where does his kamakazee interpretation into Bart!  Bart’s arms are swatting at this thing and the bike is all over the road!  Finally the crow decides this landing pad is to difficult and takes off.

Now, you can imagine how comical that all looked from the bitch pad.  I am laughing pretty hard.  Apparently it really wasn’t funny from the drivers seat.  So, I lean back and try to contain my further giggles as we continue on our ride.

Fast forward to the next summer.  Again, gorgeous day and hot.  We are travelling through on of my favourite roads through Cache Creek in British Columbia.  As usual, I am lost in my thoughts totally enjoying my freedom when all of a sudden Bart swears and is once again swatting his arms all about and this time I believe….yes…he is spitting.  What the?

He pulls over – get’s off the bike and turns to me….I am like OMG don’t laugh, hold it in…not funny…not funny.  Bart looks at me and he is covered in feathers from the chin down! My first thing out of my mouth is “that poor little bird” and I am boarder line teary now.  Bart looks at me with a look of “really?!”.

Oops…yes Sweetie this is not funny…here let me help you clean up.  Not really a good recovery but he ignores it and takes my help in picking feathers out of the zipper.  I don’t think I have to tell you how messy it was…we all have good imaginations.

We quietly get back on the bike and start out again.  Although the smile is still plastered on my face I am not saying a peep!  I am not sure if it’s the black leathers, the speed we are travelling, or the the fact we are in their flight path but it sure is weird.

I love to bird watch but this takes it to a whole other level….

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