The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy Ever [through emotions]

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This morning, I was on Facebook, interacting with others from my Team Take Massive Action Women’s group (see previous posts about this amazing group). One of the members had posted an article “The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy Ever” written by Chris Nosal relating his content to human emotions; Chris Nosal is an innovator, inventor, and marketing expert with a background in psychology, who loves transforming lives, and finding the best ways on the planet to get results. So I had a read, and I read it again – great stuff, and didn’t want anyone to miss out on his insights from the article. Now, I won’t share the entire article, but do encourage you to check it out (

I wanted to dedicate this post to his detailed explanations of connecting with humans, and connecting with emotions via marketing through blogging. 

Blogging Is About Connecting With Other Humans

The key to making people feel emotions is to use as much PHYSICAL detail in conversations as possible… and putting as much emotions into whatever you say to people as possible to make sure you get their attention in any situation.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

I’m going to show you 3 easy but powerful “levels” of being descriptive during a conversation to make whatever you’re talking about more interesting.

The first level is being descriptive when you talk to people:

For example if I say eating food, your brain could produce a picture of anything.

But if I say eating a soft, creamy banana notice the detail in the picture in your head?

The word food really has NOTHING in terms of connecting with you, or producing feelings in your body… and if there’s no emotion, there’s no connection with the person you’re talking to.

But the word soft, creamy banana has a smooth almost sexual emotional feel to it, and creates a sensation in your body because it creates a PICTURE in your head that causes feelings.

Suddenly, you’ve turned “food” from a general word that could mean anything, into a specific word where both of you are sharing the same picture during the conversation… this sharing of the same thing is what creates an emotional connection when you’re having a conversation or talking to someone.

In a nutshell, you were able to build a picture in your mind that stimulated your EMOTIONS and drew your attention into the conversation.

Now, let’s take it even deeper, and add an ACTIVITY to the sentence:

Imagine that soft, creamy banana, and feel your fingers running down the soft, smooth, yellow banana running past your lips, as you chew on the soft, white delicious banana slowly.

Level of Emotions = Amount Of Connection/Rapport

How much more interesting that conversation was that than, ” eating food?”

And did you notice how it made you FEEL a lot more connected with me as you were reading it… instead of it just being a mundane sentence, because it stimulated youremotions, built pictures in your mind, and connected you on a one-on-one personal level to what I was saying.

For example, when you’re talking, instead of saying, “I went to a game yesterday the went out to eat”, what you want to say is:

Or do you say, “I went to a football game yesterday, it was intense, it was sunny out, there was THOUSANDS of people around, and I was sitting with my three friends in the fifth row of the stadium surrounded by cheering people… one of the players made a slide tackle that just dug 5 feet of grass out of the ground with dirt flying everywhere… and we were all laughing about it… the afterward we went out to McDonalds and had the most amazing cheeseburgers ever”.

Marketing isn’t the same now that the entire world is connected; the social media and the digital age have redefined the personal human experience forever, and as long as your marketing strategy is to do things in an impersonal “professional” way, your customers are going to feel a disconnect, aren’t going to be interested or entertained, and you’re not going to have any way to connect with your readers or customers.



If you give them something to connect with in what you do, something to relate to in what you do, and something to believe in, and make them feel like your business or blog, is a close, personal friend, you will instantly stand out, and win people over.


Bottom line is, be yourself. Connect with people. Draw out emotions from them, the feel good ones, the ones that make them want to work with you, versus need to work with you. I hope you take away from this article as much as I did – and are able to include it in your present business opportunities.


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