The Most Popular Uses of Bread - Part Two

Posted on Feb 13 2012 at 04:20:04 AM in Food & Drink

In part one you have read some ideas what to do with your leftover bread. Here some more tips on what to do with your leftover bread:

If you have a smudge on your suede shoes or purse, you can use bread to remove it. Cleaners Sydney explain that all you have to do is to take a piece of bread and rub gently the area with it. This will remove the smudge. You might need more than one piece of bread.

If you have left the rice to cook a little longer than you should, just place a slice of bread in the pot, over the rice while it is still hot. Then put the lid back on. Leave it for 5 minutes and then remove the slice. The burned taste of the rice will be gone.

If you have some stale mushrooms, add a few slices of fresh white bread to the bag and then seal it. Leave it for a few days and remove the bread. The mushrooms will be really soft and fresh.

You can use bread for your brown sugar. If it has hardened, cleaning Frankston company advises just to add a piece of bread to the container and leave it for a few hours. Then remove the bread and the brown sugar will return to its original softness.

When you cook cabbage and brussel sprouts there is a bad smell. You can remove it by putting a piece of bread over the lid while the vegetable is cooked. This will absorb almost all of the odour.

You can use the crust of your bread as a spoon rest.

If you need a sink stopper and you do not have one, you can wad a couple of white pieces of bread into a ball and use it for a stopper.

Sometimes when you are cooking meat in the oven, does the smoke alarm go off? If so, place two pieces of bread in the pan. This will stop the billowing smoke and splashing grease. The bread will absorb the grease and decrease the smoke.

You can use your bread to dust and clean your oil paintings. Cleaners Toorak explain that all you have to do is gently rub the entire painting with a piece of white bread. Remove the crust before you use it. The thing you should remember is to remove all the bread afterwards, otherwise, it will attract insects to your painting.  

So, do not hurry and throw away your bread. 


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