The Merrins & Confidential Art Sales

Posted on Dec 23 2010 at 02:28:43 PM in Visual Arts

The Merrins & Confidential Art Sales

As reported on the Samuel Merrin blog, "Over the past five decades, Edward and Samuel Merrin have acquired, and placed major ancient art collections with leading institutions and private collectors.

Especially in the last few years, Samuel Merrin has acquired old collections from major families. Working with the owners, who wanted the transactions kept confidential, he placed these valued objects of art 'quietly'. Celebrated as one of the great advantages of The Merrin Gallery, this has kept Sam a major player in the art world—sometimes even rivaling Sotheby's and Christie's. Where, to purchase private collections and individual pieces, he has at times outbid both auction houses.

Sam has the standing and ability to either purchase part or entire collections, acquired many years ago, and respect the selling wishes of clients."

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