The Main Post Tenancy Cleaning Methods

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    Cleaning the accommodation for as less money as possible is the main goal of each poor student. Fortunately, there are many ways to do that. However, some of them are really time and efforts consuming but with great results in the end while others are way more easy to perform but, of course, some people will argue about the quality. What to choose is up to the cleaner and it usually depends on why the cleaning is performed. If the reason is to be received back the deposit, then usually at the end of the day the whole place is as shiny as it possibly can. If the cleaning is just a routine, usually after it some stains can be still spotted.
    So here are the main post tenancy cleaning methods which you can choose from when you have to:
    For the carpeting- steam cleaning, dry cleaning, standard cleaning.
    For the kitchen- here the options depends on how clean you want your kitchen to become and what kind of cleaning detergent you demand to use.
    Bathroom- maybe among the most important rooms that should be cleaned. According to some people, we can understand a lot about someone from his/ her personal hygiene and the easiest way to estimate that is to look this person's bathroom.

    So, here is how to perform the actual cleaning.
    The procedure will be in help only if you start with the ceilings and then move down to the floor. In other case, you  may have to clean the floor, twice which won't be efficient at all. Move all the spider nets and spots from the ceiling. After that, you can move to the windows. They are not hard to clean if you have the proper cleaning tools. However, if you use some simple newspapers instead of the special window cleaning sponge your windows will become way cleaner.
    The carpeting is among the trickiest pieces of upholstery you will have to clean. Spots here are not only very visible and extremely annoying. Once cleaned carpets are hard to dry and if you are not careful enough they can catch mould. 
    In the kitchen you should make sure that all the grease from the appliances will be removed and all the odours will disappear.
    Then you can step up with the bathroom cleaning. Which is actually nothing special.
    When all this is done you can proudly say that you did all the post tenancy cleaning by yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes this may not be enough and the landlord may decide that more cleaning is necessary. In such case you'd better call a special cleaning company. They guarantee best results.

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