The Lampard Contract: To offer or not?

Posted on Feb 2 2013 at 05:32:31 PM in Soccer

The Lampard Contract: To offer or not?

Almost every football fan has a hero, someone to look up to, someone to imitate, someone to brag about, and someone to name their son after. Most such idols and legends have forged such an identity for themselves after years of hard work, many brilliant performances and immeasurable dedication to their team. When these legends do choose to hang up their boots however, most face a dilemma, what next?

Some of them choose to become pundits and experts, some coach, and some spend their time with “booze, birds and cars”, but how legends spend their post-retirement years is not what we’re concerning ourselves with here, it’s how they’re treated just before they retire.

The argument, especially in light of Frank Lampard’s recent contract situation, is that clubs ought to treat their legends as if they’re made of something else. Apparently these legends must be given adequate game time in order to allow them to strut their royal stuff for the adoring millions apart from new contracts at par with the top performing top earners of the club, in addition to praises being lavished upon them every two weeks in the media.



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