The JDCA Mission for 2012: How You Can Help

Posted on Dec 27 2011 at 02:46:05 PM in Diseases

It has been an exciting year, with many big changes for our organization, and with new discoveries in the search for a type 1 diabetes cure. Later this week we will present a more in-depth overview of our year, but for now we wanted to share our mission for 2012. Our team has grown, and all of us will work hard on achieving  the following:

  • To educate donors
  • To unify voices toward a cure
  • To prompt transparency and accountability to push research forward
  • To better align funding allocations with the intentions of donors who are contributing for a cure
  • To make the intentions of donors who contribute for a cure not only heard but achieved

Our mission is to keep expanding our alliance, keep publishing reports that will educate our readers on how the major diabetes foundations are using the type 1 money, and create a sense of urgency that will hopefully encourage researchers to adopt a more focused approach towards the search for a type 1 cure.

For many years, (decades for some), we have began each period with hopes for a cure that by the end have not quite come to fruition. It is this frustration that has caused some people to give up on the search, but at the JDCA we are committed to never giving up on our goal. We must keep pushing, we must keep trying, and above all we must keep working together. Only united can we achieve our mission.

As we have often mentioned, the JDCA is funded entirely by our founder, Brian G. Kelly, and does not accept or handle any donations. However, there are still plenty of things people can do to join our cause and help the search for a type 1 diabetes cure.

  • Read our reports to learn about the type 1 diabetes charitable landscape. Simply being aware of how the foundations are functioning and where the money is going can help us build a strong and motivated alliance.
  • Ask questions to prompt accountability and transparency (Where are my donations going? What is the goal of this project? Is there a deadline or progress report?) The major foundations receive hundreds of millions of dollars a year in funding, but they do not feel pressure to use it the way their fundraisers pledge (for a cure.) Only we can change that.
  • If you plan on donating money for a type 1 diabetes cure, attach our Donor Action Letter (The Donor Action Sample Letter is provided as a guide) to ensure that your donation is used to further Practical Cure research.
  • Become a member of the Alliance to strengthen voices toward a cure. Big organizations do not often listen to a single individual, but a united group speaking out on the same issue is a different story.

As we enter the New Year, we need to do all we can to keep the momentum going and push on for a cure. At the JDCA we believe that it is possible to find a cure before 2025 – but we need to inspire more motivation in the research foundations.

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