The Impact of the Internet on the Telecommunications

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The Impact of the Internet on the Telecommunications

The changes in the mobile technologies are felt in every aspect of our life. Since the World Wide Web (www) has been launched in the early 1990s, it became clear that it's only a matter of time before the Internet change the mobile world forever. The revolution continued with the VoIP family of technologies. Even though the fixed phones will remain in use, their characteristics will be enriched with the functions typical for the ongoing Digital Age technology.


One of the few surviving technologies of the Cold War era is the analogue phone. They are so outdated now that the countries using them are a minority. There is a good chance for the VoIP to be the future equivalent of the stationary phone. The VoIP is easy to use, easy to install and absolutely free when speaking with another VoIP user. The Wi-Fi and 3G networks are enough to assure VoIP's function. The VoIP has suffered in the past from poor quality connection, but these drawbacks are now fixed. The enormous impact of the VoIP for business is in its possibility to be carried everywhere without losing your number. This means that you can dodge the roaming in foreign countries with the notable exception of some Middle East countries, where the mobile operators are too strong and are not giving the VoIP the chance for competition. This lack of justice will not last forever, though.


Skype is another alternative of the conventional phones. Basically, Skype is functioning like a VoIP phone with the addition of the old ICQ features like instant messaging. The difference is that Skype is not using the softphone hardware, thus making its use even easier, since there is no need to install any additional hardware on your computer. However, to make true calls with no-Skype customers, you will need a Skype credit. The Skype credit will give you the opportunity to make cheap international calls. Skype is already available as an applet for most of the smartphones, including the Windows-powered ones form this spring on.


The evolution of the Internet based programs has changed he way we make calls home and abroad. These changes affect both the stationary and the mobile phones. The next few decades we can expect the phone networks (including the mobile ones) to die out, replaced by the VoIP technologies and the mobile apps.

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