The Hidden Costs Of Moving

Posted on Jul 21 2011 at 07:07:48 AM in How-To

Perhaps you've already heard millions of times “Beware of hidden costs when you're choosing a moving company!”. But do you know what they can charge you for?

Removals London is a very popular service and there are plenty of firms which provide it. Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy and you can easily fall a victim to a fly-by-night one. Only if you know which are the most popular scams, you'll avoid this situation and you'll be able to pick the right movers.

1. Special items

All removal companies would charge you extra if you owe a grand piano or a solid chest of drawers which should be transported. Such unusual belongings often require more man's power and even sometimes specific equipment. The most important thing which you must do if you have similar stuff is to inform your movers well in advance. Always make sure that your estimate includes the price for its transportation if you don't want unpleasant surprises in the end of your relocation.

2. Specific services

Not everybody is able to disconnect his/her gas lines or to disassemble his/her bed or wardrobe. The good news is that your removal company London can help you for that but there is also a piece of bad news – you'll have to pay some more money on top. Bear in mind this fact and consider these extra expenses.

3. Unusual location

Sometimes the area where your present or future home is situated could be a reason for some additional charges. Which are these cases? For example, if the movers should use stairs or lifts to gain access to your property, you have to warn them before receiving their quote.

If you're looking for cheap removals London, make sure that everything is included in the estimate before signing anything. Pay attention to all details and become convinced of you know which services will require additional payments.

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