The Four Possible Body shapes, Dr. Eric Berg

Posted on Jul 17 2012 at 10:10:50 AM in Fitness

 The Four Possible Body shapes, Dr. Eric Berg

As you continue to worry about your shape and how to lose it or make it better, Dr. Eric Berg made a research in the body shapes that exists. After a microscopic investigation he came to a conclusion that there can be four possible shapes that man can be prone to. He noticed the mid area plays a major role in determining our body shapes from whatever angle you look at it. This is as a result of excess fats settling and accumulating around the vital organs which are located near the stomach.
Dr. Eric Berg outlines the following in his list:

  • Lower sagging which he describes as the instance where the fats are highly accumulated around one's belly and fats sag toward the lower part. Sugar will always get used up before fats in your body. IF you want to tap fat, you will require staying away from sugar at all costs.
  • You might have come across the word saddlebags but didn't go into details of it. Well, Dr. Eric Berg mentions it as among the four types of body shapes determined by fat belly. This one is a unique case of estrogen fat that concentrates much on the hips.


  • Higher roll is closely related to the lower sagging where its concentration can also be observed around one’s belly. The only difference that is notable is that your bell will appear to have an uplift that doesn't give a very healthy image of you.


  • The last body shape that Dr. Eric Berg discusses is the general body shape that focuses on the entire body. Apart from huge amounts of fats settling at the mid of one's body, Dr. Eric Berg also puts across that thyroid will break down and it will begin holding all the waste fluids in cells through out the body. This could result from excess estrogen in the body.


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