The Dirtiest Homes in London

Posted on Apr 21 2011 at 08:12:11 AM in How-To

Londoners are considered to be tidy people. Of course, there are always exceptions to the generality. We’ve heard for the anonymous tenant who moved out of his property and left unbelievable mess- burger containers in the living room, cigarette hafts left on the top of the bathroom sink. The landlord hired a professional cleaning company and decorator, as everything was lost from the incredible pigpen.
Recently a national cleaning company did a research of over 100 Londoners to know about their housekeeping habits. The research presented fascinating results. Every 3rd of the London citizens consider the cleaning to be disgusting task that they would do only if it’s necessary. Around 61 % of the interviewed would rather pay for a cleaner to do the dirty work. 75% of the women still discharge their duties even if they work.
According the informal survey 14 % of the people living in London found cleaning as a form of exercise, 7% are the pedants and confess that they enjoy cleaning. 7% clean their homes only if guests are coming and 10% of the citizens clean only once a month.
Londoners are on 5th place for home cleanliness standards in a national statistic. That could be changed considering the large number of cleaning services London has to offer. If you are busy and hard working person and there is no time for keeping your home tidy, you may need to hire one of the reputable companies in the London’s local markets, such as Chiswick Cleaners. If you would need big job to be performed –carpet, upholstery, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning Chiswick we recommend serious help as the professional cleaners has the knowledge to handle such jobs. Keep in mind that choosing a local cleaning company offers lower prices and discounts if you become a regular customer. It is time to go back the ranking.

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