The Digital Meditation - Extraordinary Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Technique

Posted on Jun 14 2011 at 05:28:49 PM in Religion & Spirituality

Meditation has been proven to have many great effects to any person who incorporates it in their everyday life; which is why it is no wonder why many people have been meditating to reap all the benefits that meditation incurs. However, the state of relaxation that meditation can bring is far harder to achieve as it will eat up your time and can be boring, annoying and even frustrating at times.


Thankfully, there are new advances in technology that help people who have a hard time to meditate to still reap its benefits through Brainwave Entrainment. It is also known as brainwave synchronization; the process of training the brain to reach peak performance on-demand, to relax or to lower brainwaves by using audio CD or MP3 music which will put you in a meditation-like state. Brain wave entrainment uses binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones to make the process possible.


Binaural Beats on the other hand, work by combining two different frequencies into the ears to achieve a frequency - the difference between those frequencies - that will determine as to which brain state will be achieved, the brain will naturally ‘entrain’ or follow that frequency. Brain wave types are as follows: beta brainwaves, alpha brainwaves, theta brainwaves and delta brainwaves. There are different binaural beat CDs which will allow a person to enter a state of mind easily minus the hassles that meditation may bring. For instance, an insomniac person can easily buy a binaural beats sleep induction mp3 sound to help him have a good night sleep. Additionally, in this fast-paced world we live in, brainwave entrainment CDs can actually help a person to sleep and feel well rested the day after, listening to the CD in a Delta will increase melatonin naturally and induce deep sleep which triggers growth and body healing.


Another benefit that one can get from brainwave entrainment is that a person will have a more relaxed and peaceful state of living. Using brainwave entrainment music, a person may feel much better after dealing with the struggles in life and face it head on. This is especially true for people who are leading a stressful life.


Aside from that, it can help a person to live a happier and more fulfilling life. According to studies, it will release neurotransmitters/endorphins, serotonin ’happy chemicals’ and mood hormones which will help you go from sad to glad just by popping it on a CD player or an MP3 player. It can be used as a stress relief, to overcome depression naturally without dangerous prescription drugs or medication, and also helps in alleviating migraine as well as anxiety, fear, anger, self-sabotage and other negative feelings. Some even said that they had a happier and more fulfilling sex life after undergoing entrainment.


Lastly, meditating with brainwave entrainment in the alpha state will help anybody to have better focus on their job and get things done in a timely and correct manner. Aside from that, other mental faculties like increasing the IQ, creativity, super learning, reasoning, concentration, critical thinking and spiritual awakening will dramatically improve. You will more easily access your deepest capacities and abilities whenever you need them, you just have to relax your mind and you will see all the solutions to your problems. Truly, by learning how to train your brain, you no longer have to do conventional meditation for hours and hours, you listen to the digital music and within just minutes you will access different levels of consciousness.


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