The Credit for the Great Eurasian Civilization goes to....PLATE TECTONICS!

Posted on Feb 21 2011 at 11:29:37 AM in Earth & Geography

Surprised? Once you go through this post you won’t be! 

Some key points from my blog:

Geology – the history of earth – has influenced the history of mankind ever since the species was born

A slight reorientation of plates and it would have been the Africans, and not the Europeans, leading the world.

Wheels have been invented independently in both Eurasia and Mexico, but why is it that the wheels in Eurasia spread rapidly from the Mediterranean to South-East Asia while the one in Mexico never spread? Writing was independently invented in both Eurasia and Mesoamerica, but why again did it spread and developed in Eurasia and not in America? 

Easy diffusion, result of east-west long-axis acted as a catalyst in the progress of human civilization in Eurasia while other continents failed to catch up. 


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