The college bowl season

Posted on Jan 1 2013 at 07:49:34 PM in Football

The college bowl season used to be rich in tradition.  Some bowl games featured rivalries as bowls locked in certain conferences or were always able to invite top teams.  The games on January 1st always ended the bowl season with the best bowls, but this sometimes ushered in a debate about the best games and the rankings of teams.  These debates could go on for weeks or months.  There were sometimes epic games that might get talked about for years.  What happened to these great rivalries, traditions and debates?  According to the Sunday Night Blog (yes, I know it came out Tuesday), the BCS ruined that great tradition:  Not only have they added bowls and stretched them out all through the first week of January, they have told us that there is only one Bowl that counts.  The rest don't matter.  To make matters worse...  Yeah, the blog thinks it is about to get even worse than it is.

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