The Clothes Make the Man

Posted on Jan 17 2013 at 07:03:24 AM in Politics


If President Obama and his cohorts in gun-grabbing were also concerned with the fashion industry and the effect on public aesthetics through the donning of camouflage military style clothing, what would the ensuing speech to the country and congress sound like? I can almost hear President Obama banked by his Hollywood elites dressed to the nines. There the President stood at the rostrum all arrayed in a splendid fine silk tuxedo. After making a call out to some of the finer dressed of the people who were draped on each side in a perfect bend of styles, colors and arranged by height with each side tapering away from the President accentuating his position standing tall in the center, look over the attending giving them a slight and approving nod and then proceed to deliver his speech. The backdrop was festooned with brightly colored streamers billowed by fans before lights which slowly slid from one hue to the next accentuating the stage with a magical appearance. The President straightens the cards with his notes, clears his throat and begins.


His speech covers the seeming endless list of Executive Orders, most of which simply demand that he express a desire to various agencies concerned with dress code enforcements and approvals of styles for public use to continue doing their appointed responsibilities, just to do them with more flare and drama as such would make the entire style enforcement appear to have greater importance. Then the President turned to those who have insisted on committing style offensives by wearing drab and ugly military style clothing. He denounces the wearing of those dreary greens from forest to olive to pale green splotches and the dessert tans with hints of beige and taupe and finally the worst offenders wearing the grey, white and black arctic camouflage, a distinct insult to the stylish tastes of the general public. The President condemned these camouflaged insults to the art aesthetic sensibilities of the more style sensitive members of our society. He tells of the near nervous breakdown suffered by some when confronted with these style miscreants. He points out that military style attire has its place where the vulgarities of violence are practiced which makes such outerwear improper and an insult on the visual beauty society has managed to acquire through years of striving towards more stylish and civilized clothing.


The President demanded that the Federal Clothier and Designer Secretary to update the acceptable styles every season instead of only twice a year in order to further enhance the appearance of people in public. There was the demand that the national cloth producers be licensed and that any black market providers of camouflage cloth or clothing be given a mandatory reeducation and style corrective training to instruct them in the emotional and social advantages and enhancements that research has found that proper clothing of the population is capable of producing. The President also called for more importance to be placed in the education of the country’s youth in the reasons and harmony that proper style brings to the general mood and interactions in our society. There also will be more funding on the BATF (Bureau of Appropriate Tailoring and Fashion) to bring those who deal and produce in military style clothing and attire to justice and put an end to their deleterious effect on society.


The people in the latest polls have shown general support for the President’s setting of style and fashion at the head of his agenda as a worthy cause that should be fully funded. There was almost no opposition in the standard polling for the new standards requiring more frequent style changes so as to minimize complacency and the possibility of some styles of becoming staid. There was a disturbing increase in those who expressed the idea that the arctic camouflage clothing was not all that offensive and should not be treated as harshly as those caught wearing the green or tan camouflage military style clothing. Over all, the President appears to have made a sensible package of programs and enforcement that should enhance the general fashion and style of the society thus leading to a maximizing of the color and mood enhancing attire standards. It will be interesting to see if the Congress, especially those from the drab unicolor party, follows the President’s lead or will once again become mired in the minutia of minor style coding. The President was likely correct in his statement that the Congress often acted as if they had no concept of societal benefits of his programs. Hopefully we can all look forward to the coming of a colorful spring issuance of fashions that will likely be brighter than last year’s overuse of pastels.


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