The choice of progress

Posted on Jul 26 2012 at 11:22:14 AM in Technology

The choice of progress

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Most of us have a busy lifestyle that will certainly affect us if we are unable to keep up and because of that fact, we continuously look for ways to deal with it. Unless we allow ourselves some flexibility in how we plan to stay in the game, we could end up in the growing list of what some choose to call, a group of failures. None of us want to be lacking in our capabilities, but dealing with a fast paved lifestyle is not something that most of us want, yet we seem to be forced into that lifestyle, unwilling and unprepared. Depending on when we get our education, (how old we are) the technology we come in contact with may have to be taught to us from scratch, but unless we choose to dedicate ourselves to this task, the ship of progress will end up leaving us behind.


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