The Best Way to Enjoy Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium Events

Posted on Apr 29 2011 at 12:50:06 AM in Soccer

I love concerts and sporting events at both Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena. I’ll be attending both the UEFA Finals (no matter who makes it through the semi-finals) at the stadium on May 28 and the One Love Peace Festival at Wembley Arena on July 31. What I don’t love is driving home tired after a big night of music or sports or having to fight the crowds for standing room on the tube - especially after a football match, so I’ve found that the best way to really enjoy a big event at either the stadium or the arena is to book a room in a nearby hotel for the night of whatever event I’m attending.

Okay, it means spending a fair amount of extra cash, but I don’t go to that many events each year, and when I do, I want to make it a special occasion. The nice thing is, you can check in early enough to relax before the concert or match, change clothes or shower, then maybe have a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant, and when it’s time for the doors to open at the venue, you’re right there within walking distance. Then, after the event, it’s a great feeling knowing you have a nearby bed to sleep in while everyone else makes the long journey back home.

You wake up the next morning refreshed to get on the tube or motorway at your leisure after coffee and breakfast before heading home - and without having to deal with crowds or traffic jams. It just makes sense to me and the expense is well worth it, in my calculation. There are several good hotels near Wembley Stadium, as well as hotels near Wembley Arena. I usually choose the Hilton, but there are others in different price ranges, as well.

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