The Best Way Eat Chocolate

Posted on Apr 28 2012 at 05:06:36 AM in Food & Drink

The Best Way Eat Chocolate - maybe you are confused to hear the sentence "the most necessary way to eat chocolate", does that mean for you to enjoy chocolate is the wrong way? Not like that. But apparently there is also a way to enjoy chocolate so it was really seep into your soul.

Processed chocolate is like making an art, it has required a way to enjoy art. when you need to enjoy a affordable or expensive chocolate, then all will taste better if you love the best possible way.

the most desireble way to enjoy chocolate is to melumerkannya in the mouth. dont chew or bite, but hold it in your tongue and let it melt itself.

"Chocolate has a soothing effect particularly when it melts in your mouth, flavors and characteristics of the chocolate would you feel to penetrate to the soul. This condition will last a long time because your body temperature," says Lauren Deitsch of Lake Champlain Chocolate in Burlington.

Deitsch also recommends eating chocolate with his mouth slightly open, like trying to drink old wine, and feel the air passing into the mouth and taste it.

"If you breathe in with a slightly open mouth breathing, oxygen helps increase the sense you understand and give full experience about chocolate"

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